Now SMART-BIT®, the first predrilling and countersinking tool spcifically designed for deck builders, comes with replaceable, POWERBOLIC® bits! Just match
SMART-BIT® to your stainless steel
deck scres size and the once difficult task
of pre-drilling an entire deck becomes quick and easy. SMART-BIT® is perfect for the installation of composite and hardwood decks, and is also great for general woodworking applications.

HEADCOTE® stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads and are designed to blend with all types of decking, including ipe, cedar, mahogany, treated lumber and composites. With 16 colors, many specially created for the newest composite and plastic deck board colors, HEADCOTE® offers the best color match possible, HEADCOTE® is available in both grade 305 and 316 stainless steel. In addition to standard threading for trim and flat head, HEADCOTE® also offers RAZORBACK® 4-point razor thread screws and the new HEADCOTE® Composite crews, featuring Starborn's Transverse™ threading to help prevent mushrooms.

Flat Head Profile and Colors

Trim Head Profile and Colors

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