Ipe is an incredibly durable Brazilian Hardwood rated by the U.S. Forest Lab for 25 years plus. Naturally resistant to fire, insects, moisture, and movement, this air dried hardwood is perfect for exterior commercial and residential applications such as decks, docks or exterior furniture. In service for over 25 years, from Dinner Key Marina in Miami, to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, Ipe has proven durability. It can be sealed to maintain its natural beauty or it can be allowed to weather to be a beautiful silver gray.

Ipe is available in a variety of standard dimensional lumber sizes and can be used for entire projects. It is easily cut with standard carbide-tipped blades, but requires pre-drilling and screwing with stainless steel screws. Hidden fastening systems are also available. Standard decking sizes are 1x4 and 1x6 material (net 3/4” thickness), on 24” centers for residential use. The 5/4x4 and 5/4x6 material used on 24” centers provide more than 100 lbs./sf live load rating - far surpassing any cedar, redwood or CCA pressure treated material. It has a hardness rating of 3640 Janka, almost 3 times that of northern Red Oak at 1260 Janka. Ipe also resists grain separation, and is naturally resistant to molds, which are the two most destructive forces to the face of decks.

Ipe is competitively priced with high grades of cedar and redwood. If you compare the one time cost of Ipe to the 3-5 times you replace other materials over the life span of Ipe, the value of Ipe becomes very clear.

Ipe is very resistant to attack by decay fungi and termites. Ipe has the same fire-rating as metal and concrete, that is, Class-A by the NFPA Code and Class-1 by the UBC Code. Ipe will outlast CCA treated material by 3 to 5 times the life of the wood, and it is the environmentally responsible thing to do - as most PT decks are found to have extremely high arsenate levels, which seep into the ground water and have been banned in certain areas of the country.

Nominal Size 40 lbs./sf 50 lbs./sf 60 lbs./sf 100 lbs./sf
1 x 4 32" 30" 28" 24"
1 x 6 38" 34" 32" 28"
5/4 x 6 42" 38" 36" 32"
2 x 6 62" 58" 56" 48"
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Weight: Basic specific gravity (oven-dried weight/green volume) 0.85 to 0.97; air-dried density 66 to 75 pcf.

For answers to Frequently Asked Question about IPE click here – IPE FAQ.