Enterolobium schomburgkii
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: heartwood pale brown to light yellowish brown, distinct from the pale yellow sapwood. Distinct growth rings, grain interlocked or wavy texture medium to coarse. luster moderate and not distinctive odor.
  • DENSITY: heavy wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 990 kg/m3 and the green density of 1,210 kg/m3.
  • DRYING: kiln-dries very rapidly, with a moderate tendency for pronounced checking and twisting, when submitted to the drying schedule 3.
  • WORKABILITY: saw: easy to work; plane: easy to work, very bad finishing; sand: easy to work, very bad finishing; turn: easy to work, good finishing; bore: easy to work, good finishing. Easy to nail screw. (8) Easy to peel into veneer, allowing smooth, compact, easy drying and lustrous surfaces. (8) Previous heating is advisable before peeling into veneer.
  • DURABILITY: resistant to decay fungi and highly resistant to termites. (8)
  • PRESERVATION: sapwood easy to be preserved with CCA-A and heartwood not treatable with creosote or CCA-A, even with pressure-vaccum systems.
  • USES: civil and naval construction, furniture components, turnery, panelling and others.
  • crates and others.

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