Tigerwood is a boldly striped specieS which has an orangish/reddish brown background with wide dark brownish black striping which makes it one of the most exotic and sought-after Brazilian hardwoods. Tigerwood is so called because it has a dark orange color with dark veins which give it a tiger-like look. The background color can range from light tans to darker orange browns which provides one of the most special flooring you will ever see.

Tigerwood makes for an ultra high end floor and is found in the finest homes in the World. The Janka hardness is 2160! Compared to Red Oak Janka hardness of 1290--almost twice as hard and durable as Oak. Among the most outstanding heavy, durable construction timbers, also highly favored as a fine furniture and cabinet wood. It is also used for specialty items such as knife handles, archery bows, billiard cue butts, turnery and carving. Virtually maintenance free.

Nominal Size 40 lbs./sf 50 lbs./sf 60 lbs./sf 100 lbs./sf
1 x 4 28" 26" 26" 22"
1 x 6 34" 32" 30" 26"
5/4 x 6 36" 34" 32" 28"
2 x 6 56" 52" 50" 42"
Includes Deadload 10 lbs/sf