Brazilian Redwood is one of the finest hardwoods available and one of the newest options in exterior decking. an extremely dense, close grained wood. Reddish-brown with deepening red hues over time  With many of the same properties of IPE’, Brazilian Redwood offers a beautiful clear all-heartwood deck board that is kiln-dried to prevent shrinkage and checking. 
Hard Wood Decking
This beautiful red-brown exotic hardwood has been known to last 100 years without decay and without treatment in contact with the ground.  Another superior decking material for both residential and commercial applications.
• Shipped kiln-dried
• Surfaced-four-sides. Remains smooth and splinter free
• First quality, premium selected heartwood
• Eight (8) times harder than American Redwood
• Fire rating – Class A NFPA, Class 1 UBC.
• Virtually maintenance free

Nominal Size 40 lbs./sf 50 lbs./sf 60 lbs./sf 100 lbs./sf
1 x 4 32" 30" 30" 26"
1 x 6 38" 36" 34" 30"
5/4 x 6 42" 40" 38" 32"
2 x 6 64" 50" 58" 48"
Includes Deadload 10 lbs/sf
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