SUMAUMA - Ceiba pentandra
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: indistinct heartwood and sapwood pinkish white to light grayish brown. Indistinct growth rings, grain straight to interlocked, texture medium to coarse, luster moderate and not distinctive odor.
  • DENSITY: light wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 340 kg/m3 and green density of 1,010 kg/m3.
  • DRYING: kiln-dries very rapidly, with tendency to moderate for pronounced cupping, when submitted to the drying schedule 1.
  • WORKABILITY: easy to saw and plane, giving a smooth surface.
  • DURABILITY: susceptible to white-rot fungi and very resistant to brown-rot fungi. (6) Rated as extremely vulnerable to decay and insects when in ground contact. (6) Logs and lumber often attacked by sap-staining fungi. (6)
  • PRESERVATION: very permeable to preservative solutions with pressure-vaccum systems.
  • USES: interior partition walls, boxes, crates, boatbuilding, raftmaking, toys model airplanes, plywood and others.

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