MUIRAPIRANGA - Brosimum spp.
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: heartwood bright dark red distinct from the light brown sapwood. Slight distinct growth rings, grain straight or interlocked, texture medium to fine, not distinctive odor and taste.
  • DENSITY: heart wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 800 kg/m3 and the green density of 1,200 kg/m3.
  • DRYING: air-dries well, with no checking or warping. Kiln-dries very slowly with a tendency for end checking, cupping, and twisting, when submitted to the drying schedule 1.
  • WORKABILITY: moderately good to work with hand and machine tools. Finishes and glues well. Previous boring for nailing is advisable. Easy to peel into veneer allowing smooth, compact and easy drying surface. (8) Previous heating is necessary for peeling into veneer. (8)
  • DURABILITY: highly resistant to fungi and termites. Sapwood and heartwood susceptible to beetles when left in the forest for one month. (8)
  • PRESERVATION: sapwood easy and heartwood moderately difficult to be preserved with pressure-vaccum systems.
  • USES: fine furniture, decorative objects interior and exterior constructions, railroad crossties, turnery, sliced veneers and others.

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