LOURO-VERMELHO - Nectandra rubra
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: heartwood light yellowish brown, slightly distinct from the narrow sapwood. Grain straight or interlocked, texture medium, luster moderate, sweaty odor when freshly cut, disappearing after drying and not distinctive taste.
  • DENSITY: medium density wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 650 kg/m3 and the green density of 1,050 kg/m3.
  • DRYING: slow and difficult to air-dry due to the presence of essence oils, but with no checking or warping. Kiln-dries very slowly, with a tendency for cupping and twisting, when submitted to the drying schedule 1.
  • WORKABILITY: easy sawing, planing, peeling into veneers, turning, gluing, nailing, and screwing. Finishes well.
  • DURABILITY: resistant to fungi, termites and boring insects.
  • PRESERVATION: low permeability to preservative solutions, even with pressure-vaccum systems.
  • USES: furniture, civil construction, door and window sashes, planks, framing, decorative objects, plywood, sliced veneers and others.

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