JARANA - Lecythis lurida
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: heartwood light brown slightly yellowish, becoming blood red, sharply demarcated from the yellowish cream sapwood. (24) Grain straight, texture medium, smooth surface, luster moderate not distinctive odor or taste.
  • DENSITY: heavy wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 920 kg/m3
  • DRYING: easy and rapid air-drying, with slight warping. (16)
  • WORKABILITY: moderately difficult to work because of its high density. (16) Finishes well. (16)
  • DURABILITY: rated very resistant when tested against white-and brown-rot fungi, but not resistant to marine borers. (6)
  • PRESERVATION: low permeability to preservative solutions, even with pressure-vaccum systems. (24)
  • USES: exterior uses (railroad crossties, crosspieces, posts and stakes), civil construction (beams, shingles and shakes), baseboards, flooring blocks, turnery, heavy packaging, automobile and truck bodies, tool handles and others. (16)

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