ANDIROBA - Carapa guianensis
  • GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: dark brown or reddish brown heartwood distinct from the pale brown or grayish sapwood. Grain straight to interlocked, texture medium, luster moderate and not distinctive odor. It is considered the successor mahogany and cedar.
  • DENSITY: medium density wood, with density at 12% moisture content of 700 kg/m3 and green density of 1,030 kg/m3
  • DRYING: kiln-dries very rapidly, with moderate cupping and twisting, when submitted to the drying schedule 1. Combined air and kiln-drying gives satisfactory results, specially when employing low temperatures and high humidity during the initial stage of the kiln-drying
  • WORKABILITY: good working finish. Glues and screws well. Peels well for veneer.
  • DURABILITY: heartwood moderately resistant(24)
  • PRESERVATION: difficult to be preserved, with pressure-vaccum systems.
  • USES: civil construction (beams, shingles and shakes, panels, widow shutters, door posts, window sashes, baseboards and framing) furniture, sliced veneer, plywood, boxes and crates, interior trim for boats and ships and others.

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